We pause to little

Sara Tiala
2 min readJul 4, 2021

I am a huge fan of pauses. That moment right after an exhale before the inhales comes around, the moment of silence before another word has been spoken. The stillness before another movement comes rippling through my body.

That pause is what I am talking about.
The moment to moment pauses in our everyday lives, transitioning from one thing to the other.

Being able to pause requires that we are in the now, aware of our present moment with our consciousness. And that is hard. Especially in a world that pulls us away from the here and now with promises that if you only get this next thing you will be complete.

I hold space for conversations and moving our bodies and my favourite practice is the one of pausing. Staying in the inbetweeness, lingering there.

Allowing my brain to just become this amazing organ that it is, not being the center of that voice in my head that wont ever stop, and letting the voice of my body to speak up. Get her full range of fierce forcefulness.

Without the pausing, connecting to the now and being aware of my actions, hearing the thoughts and being able to decide not to believe that they are the truth is extremely hard.

I love pauses. I begin my day with a paus and I end my day with a paus.

I paus in between meetings with different people and I pause in between parts of my day.

Sometimes that pause is an hour walk in nature, sometimes it’s singing out loud to a really good song and sometimes it’s a full circle of breath.

It is still a pause .

A moment in the inbetweeness, lingering in the break of what has been to what is coming.

Being in the pause is being in the here and now.



Sara Tiala

I love stories. Reading them and writing them. There is power in getting our stories out of us and into the world.