Our Earth is screaming.

Sara Tiala
1 min readOct 7, 2021

Our earth is screaming for attention and we muffle her up.
Pretending the wounds we’ve given her aren’t our doing.
Too scared too look at the disaster we have created.

Claiming that we don’t know how to stop the trajectory we are on as an excuse to not have to change our ways.

Why change the winning concept the entitled call manifestation of abundance in a world greedy of what’s “mine to have”

We put band aid on her and call them carbon offsetting.
We fool people claiming to be sustainable only to be able to keep selling the stuff.
We say that if you just buy this thing, you’ve done your part.

Along the speed light inventions to enhance our world we forget the thing that will outlive us all. The planet.
She screams for help so we can keep living with her.
She’ll survive. We won’t.

We think we can conquer nature with the next good invention, the next “green” idea.

Would you knowingly hurt someone you care for and love?
Would you knowingly look the other way when someone is being abused?

When was the last time you thanked this Earth for what you have?

For everything you have ever had and will ever have, you got from her.

We have lost touch with that which loves and nurtures us.
All billions of her inhabitants.



Sara Tiala

I love stories. Reading them and writing them. There is power in getting our stories out of us and into the world.