Is reversed seasonal depression a thing, if so I think I have it.

Sara Tiala
1 min readJun 8, 2021

So, I live in Sweden and we are in the weeks leading up to Midsummer and never ending daylight and promises of sunshine and warmth, lush trees and cooling swims.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore all of this. My soul jumps a little when I can hear the birds walking though a park 11 pm at night and it’s not even dark.

Part of me hates it. My anxiety part. There are so many expectations and should’s and musts that I get overwhelmed just thinking about it. Sometimes I just want to pull the curtains together and imagine that the rain is pouring down outside, so I don’t feel guilty for not “making the most of it”.
I feel like I get reversed seasonal depression.
It goes with my struggle around the body as well, tell me a more stress inducing time for clothes than the summer. No hiding in the oversized knitted sweaters and comfy pants.

So if you are a fellow struggler of the summer times, I see you and I am here with you.
sometimes the anxiety is a beast.
Do what you need to not let it run your life for you.



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